Where to Find my Writing?

Glad you asked! You can poke around this blog for earlier drafts and versions of some pieces that I released after first publication by a literary journal, even if they were written much earlier. You can also click on the links below for my recent publications around the globe!

Most of them, they will take you to a link online where you can read the piece without further ado. Some are in print only, if they get picked up by an online journal, I will update the page, or after a time, I will post here on my blog.

The Shitty Poem first published by Cape Rock, Poetry Journal of the Southeast Missouri State University, Editor: Dr. Dan Crocker. Spring 2018

“In the oblique and dreamlike style of Marguerite Duras, Viviane Vives weaves memories of her ancestors and place—Nice, Barcelona, Perth, New South Wales, Texas—in “Dialogues With Your Notebook,” a stunning literary achievement. Lake and Sea, Like Doves, Chinese Calligraphy, Talking To Bambi in the Bathtub, Thousands of Images, Catalunya, Free from Spain Forever, Dialogues with your Notebook, Death and the Moon, Cadaqués, first published as a short story by The Write Launch (by Books Cover2Cover.) Editor: Sandra Fluck.

Lake and Sea, Dialogues with your Notebook re-published by FIVE:2:ONE Editor: Nathan Alan Schwartz. January, 2018 (READ BY ME, HERE)

Death and the Moon, Cadaqués, re-published by FIVE:2:ONE Editor: Nathan Alan Schwartz. January, 2018

Todo es de Color – Children of Catalunya, AKA as Moissac first published by Litro Magazine Issue #166, After Dark. Editor’s Pick. Editor: Erik Akoto. November, 2017

Violence is a Wind, Fremantle, Austin Has Gone Mad, Venice Beach, and One Wall Inside the Other first published as short story, Notes from Many Places, by Litro Magazine on #StorySunday. Editors: Barney Walsh and Erik Akoto. Dec 2, 2018

Step-Nation first published by Vagabonds: An Anthology of the Mad Ones, by Weasel Press. ISBN-13: 978-1-948712-17-0 March, 2018. This issue also includes an original photograph by me. Read online (pages 98 and 107)

The Patriarch Strokes a White Cat (Or How to Defeat Fascism) first published by Burningword Literary Journal, Issue 86. Editor: Erik Deerly. April, 2018. Nominated for Best of the Net, 2018 and included in Burningword’s Best of 2018, Anthology Issue, Nov 2018

Veracruz (Page 83) first published by Obra/Artifact by MFA of the Americas. Editor: Erica McCay. April 2018

The Cities and the Dead (AKA In the City, Cold Cigar Smell) was a semifinalist in the American Short(er) Fiction Contest by American Short Fiction and a poem version was a finalist of the Philadelphia Stories’ Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry. Overland Magazine ended up passing after deliberation by 17 editors (can one please that many?) “… like looking at a mansion that’s been devastated by a hurricane.” “There is something GREAT here…” It was first published by Reed Magazine, Editor: Ben Soriano. It also appeared, almost simultaneously, in the The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism, 2019 Editor: Jorge Valdez.

Mad Birds, You Through the Portal first published by Black Mountain Press, Best Sixty Four Poets of 2018, Anthology, 2019 Editor: Carlos Steward

Note to Self first published by Burningword Literary Journal, Issue 90. Editor: Erik Deerly. April, 2019

Cento for Bambi, (For Bambi, Long:) Did you Come Here for Forgiveness, I Disappear and My Dreams Go Out first published by The Anti-Languorous Project – antilang. no. 4 – Succinct Speculations. Co-Founding Editors: Allie McFarland & Jordan Bolay

La Virgen de la Candela first published by Tupelo Quarterly TQ18, Tupelo Press. Editor-in-Chief: Kristina Marie Darling.

Facebook Message from a Stranger received honorable mention in Passager’s 2019 Poetry Contest. The poem appears in the 2019 contest issue of Passager. Mary Azrael and Kendra Kopelke, editors

The Cities and The Dead (book) placed as semifinalist in the Baltic Writing Residency in Scotland in 2019 and 2121

A draft of The Cities and The Dead (book) was a semifinalist at Sundress Publications Fiction Competition for Book publishing in 2019.

Awarded Writer in Residence at the Sundress Academy for the Arts, Firefly Farm, 2019

Parts of The Cities and The Dead (book) were started and/or reworked during the Tupelo Press Project 30/30. Two runs. Curated by Kirsten Miles.

Thee Breasts. One Empty first published by Burningword Literary Journal, in January 2021. Editor: Erik Deerly.

I Don’t Like Telling You What I Ate first published by Reed Magazine, July 2021

Awarded Writer in Residence at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, March 2023

The Bullfighter’s Cry as Poem is a finalist for the Peseroff Poetry Prize! May 2023

Rusty Morrison is my copy editor and I’m forever grateful!

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