Viviane Vives

Viviane Vives only remembers a time surrounded by images, creativity, and emotions. A filmmaker, actor, photographer, and writer, she’s married to an architect and, together, they own an interdisciplinary creative studio.

She became used to photographing objects and buildings and learned how they become a reality, but people are more her thing. Portraits that drip little bits of truth that is always happening, she likes living and working from a never-ending present.

Maybe because she has moved forty times, lived in three continents and eight cities, and has lived very fast, she tends to look directly into experiences of life, of this moment, more than through a lens of any type. What she portrays goes beyond lens and pen, becoming an experientially alive moment, she has an affair with the “now.” She appears to live it, wear it, assiduously resorting to self-portrayal. Luckily, in her writing, this relationship with the present can easily be transposed to one with the past, as if there was no difference between them and were all happening at once.

In her photography, she often takes just one shot, then moves on. Equally, in her writing, she may work ten years on a poem, or she may wake up with it, jotting it down straight up, to never look back.  Many times, she shoots “blind,” looking at the subject in the eyes, and not through the camera. She does this casually, although emotion is always involved, as she believes–lives–“in” passion.

Her current book, with the working title “The Cities and the Dead,” is a poetic-prose novel about broken love, pilgrimage to broken cities, and broken dead-relatives that cannot sleep until someone hears them.


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NOTE: All photos in this blog by Viviane Vives. All rights reserved. ©Viviane Vives and/or Barcelona Films, LLC


2 thoughts on “Viviane Vives

  1. Thanks Viviane for the kind words, you always have had toward my work! I will have some more of that recent work on my site soon. i love your images. Is that guy with the Baby in red benneton shirt, your relative, and is that walk down to the beach, at your house? Gorgeous! I’m gonna send you something my favorite, outspoken Lead Singer, Steve Kilbey (The Church) just wrote, and if you haven’t already come across it on Fb, it’s worth seeing! I’ll also send y’all a picture of the fireplace I am currently installing in my studio! and lastly….It just so happens that my current favorite song is by a Band , in your very town, so if y’all get a chance to go see them……Do It! They are called The Twerps, and the song is called “Dreaming”! G’Day Mate!


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