Open Letter to my Colleagues Acquainted with CAUCASIAN Comedians

Do you know of any talented caucasian comedians you particularly like? I’m directing a feature and need recommendations. Thanks! Viviane

P.S.: In case you are wondering what ethnicity I’m looking for, or what gender, or what age, or what qualities they should possess, do not worry, as long as they are quite white and have blue eyes I will consider them and may adapt the roles I still have available.

You see, I ended up with 5 leads with brown eyes and I really like them, they are perfect for their parts, but that is not how the world is, I mean, after all 17% of US citizens have blue eyes and should be represented, don’t you think?

They also could use the help, for they do not get enough roles. For some reason, I cannot get any caucasian actors submitted to me by the agencies and casting directors I’m working with, so I have to resort to the internet. Maybe it’s because, you know, there are fewer of them.

These remnant, I mean KEY! parts I’m casting aren’t necessarily comedic but I just think comedians are better actors in general, don’t you agree? That’s why I’m asking for comedic CAUCASIANS… I threw that in there, not because the roles are funny or anything.

If this post is making you mad, don’t you DARE get mad at me! Most my friends are white and I certainly do not deserve any attitude. I cannot afford getting upset, either. I have no time for it, I have a movie to make! I already know how bad it is for caucasian actors, do not take it out out on me, I’m sorry people are having bad experiences, but is not my fault that Hollywood is the way it is! …. Me? I’m casting jobs for blue eyed actors, let’s go! Please pass on any names you can think of, there are so many talented caucasian comedians in need of work and I’m here to help! Thanks again!

vv mirror white

©Darrell Kreitz – Picture of Viviane at a motel’s bathroom on the road, the day she left Los Angeles for Austin, TX.

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